Kitten Care Basics

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Cat Care Basics

Cats and Kitten,Kitten Care,Cats CareKittens are darling little animals that require extra special attention, care, and love. Give them toys and scratching posts to distract them from your household goods. Cats love to play and will appreciate simple and inexpensive toys. Ping-Pong balls and opened paper bags (remove the handles) can provide hours of fun. A comfortable perch by a window can become your cat’s very own entertainment and relaxation center. Rotate toys to maintain your cat’s interest in them.

To take care of kittens, let them nurse from their mother for the first 4 weeks after they’re born. If the kittens aren’t nursing, you’ll need to bottle feed them with powdered cat milk replacer, which you can find at most major pet stores. Avoid feeding cow’s milk to a kitten or you could upset its stomach. After 4 weeks, start providing kitten food and water so the kittens can wean off of the milk.

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Vaccination is a key component of preventive medicine in cats, just as in dogs and people. Vaccinations are given to stimulate the immune system against infection before exposure to disease. Several vaccines are routinely given to cats as the core defense against serious infectious illness (for example, panleukopenia, herpesvirus). Several others (-referred to as noncore) are important in certain regions and situations (for example, feline leukemia virus). Your veterinarian can advise which vaccines are recommended in your local area and circumstances.

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Cat Care Basics

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Other internal parasites of cats include flukes (flatworms that can infect the intestine or liver) and lungworms. Outdoor cats that hunt are prone to these infections, especially if they live or hunt near water. Aquatic animals such as snails and frogs are common hosts for the developing fluke or lungworm larvae. These infections are diagnosed by testing fecal samples.

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